Wednesday, March 23, 2005

If We Save Terri's Life, She's Not Out of the Woods Yet

If we save Terri's life, we still have a problem to deal with in Michael Schiavo and George Felos.

As long as Michael controls her interactions with the outside world she will not be a free woman. As long as he controls her fate she will not be allowed to improve. The actions done to save her life, all of the effort, will be [almost] for naught if that man or the staff at the "6-months-to-live" hospice in which she's imprisoned are allowed to continue their torment and neglect. Their "care" is likely to kill her well before her time.

This is not only a battle to Let Terri Live, it's a fight to Bring Her Home. It's a fight for her right to be protected from willful cruelty and spousal, medical, legal and judicial fraud. Let's not forget that for a second when we pray for the reinsertion of her feeding tube.

[Update: A thoughtful poster points out the dilemma of posting this. It is not for naught that Terri's life is spared, not for a second. I just fear her imminent death of semi-natural causes if that happens unless Michael Schiavo is removed as the guardian. The stories told by the nurses who cared for her about the insulin bottles in the trash and needle marks on Terri's body [H&C 3/23/05] don't sound promising for her future welfare.

Those tactics haven't been reported by anyone recently because (I suspect) they're not being used. I suspect they're not being used because there is a presumption she is going to lose her right to live anyway. Imagine what might result if her right to live is reinstated but guardianship remains unaltered: there is motive to try again and sufficient opportunity to do it. Even if this doesn't happen, the environment that put her in this condition (viz. the marked deterioration in her condition since the incident with no credible excuse provided by anyone to this day) doesn't change one iota.


Blogger La Solipsista said...

While I appreciate your sharing your feelings on the topic, I really must disagree with some of the points you've made. But you've presented them in a very thoughtful way. Peace.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

A good blog site called "Abstract Appeal" covers the legal in's & out's and offers links to all the documentation from the Schiavo/Schindler trials.

One link in particular strikes me as (one of) the major stumbling blocks preventing the investigation of Terri's initial injuries as noted on the now famous bone scan:

"The court concludes that while it might be interesting to pursue the issue of trauma as it may have occured almost twelve years ago, that has nothing to do with Theresa Marie Schiavo in 2002 and the Mandate of the Second District Court of Appeal in this cause rendered October 17, 2001. Accordingly, . .."

. . .Additional Medical Evidence (past and future) was denied by none other than George Greer.

So, according to Greer,an investigation might be 'interesting' but has no bearing on how Terri came to be in this state or the requested outcome?

Greer's decision permitted the dispicable intentional ignorance of facts. Facts which continue to be ingnored so that the court mandated death sentence will continue uninterrupted.
Since Appeals Courts simply 'review' the record for technical irregularities, not substance. . .and Felos/Shiavos et al
are very thorough crossing every 'T'
and dotting every 'i' . . .it is highly unlikely that any current/future appeal will result in an injunction that supports the reinsertion of Terri's feeding tube.

Sadly, it appears that Terri will suffer legally mandated murder.


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Blogger RD said...

This may only be won in the court of public opinion. I'm comforted that because of all the irrefutable evidence to date, there is enough to hold the whole stinking lot accountable. (Just because it wasn't admitted in Greer's court doesn't mean it's not valid...) ;-D

We've already deduced that they are a package deal. So goes one, so go they all. If Terri is restored & rehabilitated we know all of them may be held guilty of criminal conspiracy.

If she dies they may think they have a better chance of avoiding the consequences.

But for us it doesn't have to end there. Let's make a pact to see this through to the end. If Terri dies, the end is not after her death, it is after the perpetrators are held accountable for their acts by the people. They can't legislate facts out of existence. They can just ignore them as long as their jurisdiction allows them free reign.

If she lives, same thing - it doesn't end until she gets the treatment - and the guardian - she needs.

The story has already crossed the Big Media Firewall, onto CNN and especially FOX (wow! I'm impressed - when Mr. Hannity understands an issue he can be great ;), and cannot so easily be stopped.

(Although it's frustrating to hear the word "persistent vegetative state" used over & over when the very same network has guests telling them otherwise - I'm gritting my teeth and baring them ;). The talk radio people are onto this thing in a BIG way - finally.

The Florida legislature reportedly can stop this immediately. (Is that true?) If they had the evidence handed to them that the woman is likely being set up by someone who incriminated himself on NATIONAL TELEVISION 5 days ago as a man willing to forego $10 million in order to carry out his wishes - and more importantly, that the story was getting out to their constituents that they had the power to stop it all along and did nothing, I think things would happen quickly over there. Or am I just being too optimistic?

Let's hope someone in the Florida legislature is paying attention. The legal circus is a sideshow we can't afford right now. In addition the high court's decision not to intervene looks to Big Media like a vindication of Michael - at least superficially, long enough for Terri to perish.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

rd - right on!

Please consider signing this petition to Jeb Bush -

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Blogger Maggie said...

The witness of the nurses has started to filter into the mainstream media. Carol Sayer appeared on Fox News with her story. Another nurse who has been fired from Woodside has also stepped forward.

I do not think even a low roast with plenty of basting would be enough to deal with Greer, Felos and Schiavo.

I have just the suggestion on what they should face. At Port Arthur the construction of the Model Prison still exists. The prisoners were placed in tiny cells and they had to wear a mask over their faces when they were taken to the exercise yard. They were not allowed to speak with anyone. When they attended Mass or Church they had to be divided from each other as if they were in small booths. The prisoners who went there and survived were driven insane by the experience. What do you think? A suitable place to send the Troika?

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