Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Dershowitz Opines: "Feeding Tube" Decision Can Be Applied Retroactively

Alan Dershowitz argued on MSNBC's Scarborough Country that if the Supreme Court hears the case (which is a big if), the "feeding tube can't be reinserted" argument is not a problem. They can rule retroactively and decide that it should never have been taken out to begin with, and would allow them to reinsert the tube and proceed with the deliberations.

Other guests:

Feiger was his usual "feigsty" self, arguing his usual point - that it's the right-to-life lobby that is responsible for a person's having to be starved rather than yield to lethal injection. He brought up Dr. Kervorkian's name again for the Nth time...

Al Franken got into it with the host (more on that sometime.)

Joe ended by pointing out society is judged by how we handle the weakest and most helpless among us. (Ed: Especially tragic when she has been deprived of basic medical care.)


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