Sunday, March 27, 2005

Michael "Why Won't That Bitch Die" Schiavo On The Lam Since Larry King Interview

Has Michael Schiavo held an on-camera or on-the-radio interview since his Freudian slip on CNN's Larry King Live? It is believed that this slip of the tongue - where he publicly stated, "We Didn't Know What Terri Wanted, But This Is What WE Want" - is the reason he won't do a follow-up interview on camera.

Since that time his brothers Brian and Scott have done all of the media interviews for Michael. At least one has asserted publicly that Terri has "not [been] conscious" since the alleged 1996 CT scans showed massive brain damage and late-stage hydrocephalus (as well as a shunt she'd never had installed).

The way they described Ms. Schindler was, "peaceful. She's very peaceful."

"Wait a minute. How dare you smear him with a charge like that? Don't you think it might be because he needs to be at his wife's bedside during this tragic time for him and his family?"

Countercharge #1: Then why did he do his interview with Larry King after the feeding tube was removed? Not only was it after the removal, it was on the day of the removal.

Countercharge #2: Why has Michael turned down all offers to do an interview at the hospice? We now know Larry King was one of those turned down for such an interview.

Conclusion: Word has gotten back to the Schiavo camp. They no longer trust that Michael can talk to the press without incriminating himself further.

A note to readers not familiar with the sworn affidavits of several nurses (links to follow) that have come forward to testify against Mr. Schiavo: The phrase "Why won't that bitch die?" is purportedly one of the many statements he was overheard saying in anger while caring for his injured wife in the 1990's.


Blogger Maggie said...

Well, I figured that Felos would gag MS after that slip of the tongue. He is probably hoping that not too many picked it up. I think that this needs to reach as much of the MSM as possible in your country. There is work to be done. You also have to convince a variety of politicians to change their minds about not rectifying some very shoddy legislation that is preventing the rescue of Terri.

I feel certain that some of the people who have turned their backs do not realise the extent of the scandal that is involved in this case. I feel certain that some of them, after discovering all of the issues that need to be challenged might be more than willing to do something more positive.

I applaud all of the politicians who have done their level best to help Terri. In particular I applaud the Congressmen and women who did not turn their backs, especially the two doctors who brought the issue to Washington D.C.

It is worth reminding you that for all the bravado of Michael telling George and Jeb to come and visit, he refused Weldon, who is a doctor the opportunity to come and see for himself the condition of the patient.

Again this points the finger at Michael Schiavo that he is hiding something very serious and that not only has there been a gross miscarriage of justice, but those complicit in this action have been working in tandem to kill this woman for their own evil agendas.

It is worth remembering that I am not pro-choice per se, but maybe we need to redefine what we mean by pro-choice when it comes to the matter of euthanasia.

I want to see Michael Schiavo fry for what he has done.

10:55 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

On a Larry King interview on March aired on March 18, 2005..Michael Schiavo said the following (referring to her fateful night) "I heard a thud in the hallway"..."I shook her up" .

9:43 PM  
Blogger Maggie said...

Michael has mentioned the shaking Terri a few times. I will be making sure that I mention this during anything else that I am writing on the case.

6:25 PM  
Blogger Maggie said...

There is some explosive information that has come to light. George Greer was not very careful about what he released, unless of course he is making sure that blame is shifted back to Michael Schiavo.

Amongst the newly released documents is a complaint by medical staff at Morton Plant Hospital that relates to 2003 where there was yet another attempt for MS to refuse Terri antibiotics for a UTI. Yes, it happened in 2003 and so he lied under oath when he said that he would not try it again.

12:49 AM  
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