Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Controlling the Autopsy With A Thought?

The prominent euthanasia attorney and author, George Felos, is well [self-]publicized for having the power to control with his thoughts. Well, he gave it a try Monday evening. Via the AP (via Michelle):

George Felos ... said that the chief medical examiner for Pinellas County, Dr. [Jon] Thogmartin, had agreed to perform an autopsy on Schiavo. He said that her husband wants proof of the extent of her brain damage.

No, her husband still wants to cremate the body. This poster on BlogsForTerri reminds us:

It is a Florida law that says an autopsy must be done if the body is to be cremated! How thoughtful of them.

Well, thank goodness for due process. But don't get your hopes up. Anything that can "go wrong", will "go wrong". The notion that the husband wanted a thorough, professional, criminal autopsy is absurd, ditto for his lawyer, and what would recently have changed their minds? (Obviously, comments such as "When's that bitch gonna die?" from the good husband leaking out into the public.) If he really wanted that kind of autopsy, the attorney wouldn't have had to dodge questions he didn't want to field, such as:

Reporter: "Will there be full a body scan for her supposed broken bones?"
Felos: "You're watching too much CSI!" [he laughs]

No, we're hearing too many of your nurses testifying under oath. The code of silence has already begun to unravel. (You didn't control that with a thought, did you?) And haven't we already said this is a case for CSI Tampa, not euthanasia court? With that comment, thankfully the press have picked up the scent once more. We almost lost you there for a minute, George.

Let's recap what we know:

  1. The husband has abused (and was alleged to have tried murdering) his wife after she was hospitalized. And now there is reason to suspect he caused the brain damage deliberately, of all horrors. I guess perhaps he wasn't hoping for a complete recovery after all. (I'll revisit item #2 on this post here, obviously.)

  2. The bone scans that reveal the devastating bone injuries suffered by Terri in many parts of the body were done in 1991. It's 2005. If Michael has been abusing her, it stands to reason that many more bones have piled up in his closet in the meantime. And that just focuses on one specific type of problem; the question for a proper autopsy should be, what are all of the various injuries (from 1990 until now) likely to be?

  3. The 1996 CT Scan that indicated late-stage cortical atrophy is likely to be a hoax and cannot possibly be her brain scan, unless she is a medical miracle - a Stage 3 patient with a Stage 1 brain scan. So it stands to reason the other side will move mountains in order to minimize the useful detail that emerges, and to minimize or dispute the consequences of any inconsistencies found.

  4. The troika has used due process to avoid due consequences before. Their prime facilitator is the good Judge Greer. It wouldn't be surprising if a favor's been called in already (whether it's necessary to actually pick up the phone anymore is another question). What's not clear is exactly what favor would be needed:

    • The life insurance company may not receive the scope, quantity or level of detail they need in order to rule effectively. (Ed: Can the judge seal the autopsy report?) Yet they may not be able to deny the claim because the judge declares the death "natural" by fiat and provides the Schiavos with the support they need to sue for collection - and win. Fraud is a distinct possibility here. We know it happens every day and less than half of all cases are ever discovered (let alone prosecuted). So the insurance company may be bullied into paying up and may already realize it's coming. (Let's hope I'm wrong.)

    • Though the state of Florida requires an autopsy before a body is cremated, it may be more a formality than a true body of work.

    • It is not clear who controls the show at the M.E.'s office. Unless the press establishes beforehand where the weak links are, it may be difficult or impossible to predict exactly what they have planned - especially if the judge seals it afterward. (No autopsy report, nothing to contest: "Death with dignity.")

So: We know these people already. They clearly haven't changed overnight. Given what we know (or think we know, or don't know) we have to assume that Michael Schiavo has everything to lose - and nothing to gain - by having an honest autopsy performed. His lawyer's press conference will set off alarm bells for anyone really following this case, but for the moment, it may have succeeded in deflating the risk they were facing from the crowds. So they thought.

With a "thought", George Felos has just controlled the suppressed outrage and anger of millions of people all over the world by saying a few words in front of the cameras. But it wasn't his "thought" that cowed the crowd; it was his promise. If he breaks it, he's bought it. The crowd will hold him accountable. Peacefully.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The idea of having this county have any further control over Terri looks like a shell game from here.

Terri IS still ALIVE - it feels morbid to be discussing her autopsy - but suspicions of rampant corruption leaves no choice but to head off any further legal obstructions Felos can muster up.

With the history of Judge Greer and his links to Rice, McCabe, Felos, the hospice et al . . .can there be a request for CHANGE OF VENUE?

The breaking point for me was hearing Felos deconstruct familiar vocabulary by describing Terri as 'beautiful' as she withered under Greer's order to dehydrate/starve.
Moral equivalence of this caliber is nothing short of repulsive.
If she was so beautiful, why no photos or video?

What do you want to bet that The Schindler family would allow photos/video to clarify Felos' distorted definition of beauty?

After 11 days, some grapes and a banana I left out appear pitiful - hardly what I would describe as appealing. Poor analogy perhaps, but it gives context to what drying up and dying is.

. . .Compassion and justice are terms that will hold an entirely new meaning to Felos/Shiavos/Greer . . . I wonder if they have any clue what they are in for as they will be on the receiving end.

2:15 PM  
Blogger Maggie said...

George Felos has recently made a statement that claims that the autopsy will show that the bone scan meant she had osteoporosis and her bones were easily fractured. This is continuing the lie about the alleged bulimia.

However, by making the statement in the way that he has done, he has shown the he is ignorant when it comes to all things medical. Osteoporosis does not show up in that kind of bone scan. One has to have a bone density scan. At the age of 25 Terri was too young to have osteoporosis.

The hospital did not in fact diagnose bulimia and I believe that everything goes back to the original medical record.

Also, I discovered something in the 2003 Larry King interview, and the statement is very suspicious as to when the strength of the motive to murder was established. I am preparing something for my own blog on the Larry King Show statement.

7:32 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


-No sign Schiavo was abused
-terry was blind
(so much for the balloon)

There was no "there" there.

Our thoughts are what most make us human.
Terri stopped thinking 10 years ago- "Terri" died 10 years ago.

Her soul moved on ten years ago.

Elvis left the building ten years ago.

To play dress up with her body and pretend that it is "Terri", after she left this world, is the
epitomy of disrespect

Only thoughtless morons
would think that a brain dead body
is a person.


1:56 PM  
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