Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Pressing Duties

It is vital that we engage the media while the story is still over the "right to die". Many in the media are so arrogant to believe they can have their cake and eat it too: the only thing that makes a better story than an attempted murder case over a 15-year-long torture & death sentence for a rescued woman is over one who is already dead. The criminal trial would mean longer court trials (and higher ratings). Allowing her to die first not only fulfills the editorial position that Michael is "legally" in the right, even if he's a monster, but it then lets them turn right around and devour their favorite son. The get the best of both worlds (and then some).

In fact, it even makes the "story" that much better (to the audience that actually believes them): What better story of "betrayal" could there be than one in which the guy they claimed to trust "misled" them and got away with it?

C'mon. The only reason he got away with it is they refused to acknowledge the obvious. The only people that will be doing the "misleading" will be them, not Michael. And they need to be called on it. To anyone who has looked at his interview footage skeptically for even a second, there is obviously a guilty man standing there.

So, what is the power of the media to script the story?

The way I see it it's imperative that we go to members of the press now and get recorded tape of them expressing their real and visceral disdain for helping Terri on the record. If someone could go with a Heidi, a Carla, or another Schiavo nurse in tow, that would be great. Or done over the telephone: capture conversations with those we talk to (politely, sensibly, honestly - but deliberately). Something along the lines of:

US: "Hello. Yes, did you know that there are nurses willing to testify that Michael Schiavo has tried to murder his spouse on several occasions while under his care? We'd like to get them on your TV station as soon as possible - it's literally a matter of life and death."

THEM: "Sorry, we don't do smear journalism."
US: "But this is testimony sworn under oath."
THEM: "Well, anyone can lie in court."
US: "Our witnesses would be willing to take a lie detector test."

WE NEED THAT on tape. Any unjustifiably snide or angry reactions ought to be captured as well. One for each network ought to do it.

We also need to find out how much they really know, now.

Realize that if she dies before we start this campaign, and then the media covers it, we will have let them off the hook on one of the biggest issues over individual rights in this country. We won't really be able to ask them, "Where were you when Terri's life was at stake?", because they won't allow the charge to stick. Once it's "over", after the rush of victory (for having won the issue over "principle"), then their "righteous crusade" will begin to dig to the bottom of a MURDER mystery (now) by a "shocked" press that "didn't see it coming." And we will have enabled them to take that position without accountability.

No. Not this time. We want to know, right now, to see where they stand. If we do it and get the usual knee-jerk response - on film or on tape - and THEN they try to flip later on - we have the goods with which to hold them accountable.


Blogger Maggie said...


suggest you check out the DCF documents. There are things that implicate Michael Schiavo as a murderer, even if he was cleared when the complaints were made. Of particular interest is the complaint that came from Morton Plant Hospital. It was made in 2003, and was another attempt to withold antibiotic treatment.

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